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Kenny, Gaye and Bertha enjoying some fresh air in front of the main house on the ranch.  This will serve as the main office until the reception center is complete.

WITH YOUR HELP...... These are the areas to be developed with the funds raised by your donations.

The reception center and parking area will be constructed at the entrance to the ranch.  It is here the families will be given a short orientation of what to expect and a hearty welcome the the Soaring Eagle Ranch.  The kids will be made honorary Deputy Sheriffs, given their badges and cowboy hats.

This is an Artist Conception of the Reception Center we want to construct.

The trail rides will take the kids through pastures where they can observe Texas Longhorn cattle and a variety of other animals on their way to "making camp".  We will be setting up cross fencing to give a good observation opportunity with a focus on safety but where the animals can be seen without obstruction.


The trails will lead through the big oak trees until they reach the clearing where we will be holding most of the activities.  The plans call for a pavilion to allow observation and participation in the activities.  We will be constructing a small western town (facade) with necessary facilities behind the facade.  This will include a first aid center and restrooms.  This area will be developed to handle the chuck wagon cooking, music concerts, cutting horse demonstrations, roping demonstrations and an occasional presentation of the town sheriff handling some bad strangers in town.

This is an Artist Conception of the Western Town we want to construct.

There are deer and other animals they will be able to see in their natural habitat as well as others in observation pens (which will include some exotics).